Meet the Team

Get to know the staff behind The Howl


Ciara Santiago-Gamble (She/Her): Ciara Santiago-Gamble is a junior at WCSU, majoring in Journalism. Most know her for her love of Harry Styles or always taking a nap when not in class or at work. She looks forward to the future of The Howl and being able to publish the work of many!



Alivia Stonier (She/Her): Alivia is a Professional Writing—concentration in Creative Writing—and Media Production Major. She also Minors in Broadcast Journalism. From Naugatuck CT, she hopes to pursue screenwriting and writing in the music industry, along with publishing fictional works, prose, & poetry. She serves as President of Student Publications, News Director of WXCI 91.7 and is known as DJ Ink Drop on the air.  

Alexis Coschignano (She/Her): Alexis is a Junior Professional Writing Major at WCSU with a concentration in Business & Technical Writing. She hopes to one day possibly be an editor while simultaneously working in the automotive industry. She loves to write both poetry and fiction, draw, and take her dogs on walks. When she is not in school, she can be found at local car meets, working, sleeping, and spending time with her friends and family. 

Layout & Design


Hayden Pham (They/He): Hayden is a writer studying Business & Technical Professional Writing and Philosophy at Western Connecticut State University. He makes and appreciates art and music. When they arent creating content, they can be found gaming, gardening, or getting lost in the woods.


Ricardo Machado (He/Him): Ricardo is currently studying Professional Writing with a focus in Business and Technical Writing at WCSU. He is also pursuing a minor in Sports Media. On his own time, he shares an active interest in soccer, movies, computers, and gaming. An unhealthy obsession of his is attempting to watch every movie that Willem Dafoe has taken part in. 

 Media & Promotions

Meaghan Canavan (She/They): Meaghan is an avid enjoyer of all things creative such as music, art, and writing. She is a big fan of cozy games and indie content. Meaghan has worked on multiple campus publications and hopes to pursue publishing in the future, so they look forward to helping young creatives take some of their first steps towards sharing their work!

Timothy Froessel (He/Him): Timothy is a Professional Writing major concentrating on Creative Writing at WCSU. When not talking to himself about the New York Islanders, he can be found listening to Beach House or looking at cute pictures of bears on the internet.

Karson Joyner (He/Him): Karson is a junior at WCSU studying professional writing, with an emphasis on creative writing. He enjoys learning new styles of writing but prefers to create prose poems and flash fiction. In his free time, he can be found taking spontaneous road trips with his three dogs in search of inspiration from people watching in unfamiliar places.


Faculty Advisors

Dr. Brian Clements 

Professor Bonnie Denmark


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