Submission Guidelines

  • Open to students in the U.S in the 9th-12th grade (at time of submission). We publish: Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, Art, Photography, & Multimedia content.
  • Please review your work(s) for syntax errors. Punctuation is just as important as the content itself. 
  • Only submit one genre per submission. Work may not be re-submitted unless requested. Written submissions may include up to 5 poems or up to 10,000 words of fiction or nonfiction. 
  • We will accept work in any of these file forms: .docx, .mp3, .wav, .jpeg, .png, .mov, and .mp4.We will not accept Apple file formats. If you have something written in Google Docs, please download as .docx format.
    • For visual art submissions, please include the medium as well as the dimensions.
  • If your work is accepted, you will need to fill out our consent form for your work to be published on our website. 
  • If accepted, you will not receive any sort of compensation for your work. 
  • We do not accept work previously published online, including social media. We will accept simultaneous submissions, but please withdraw if accepted elsewhere.  
  • We follow the CLMP (Community of Literary Magazines and Presses) Code of Ethics, and all submissions are reviewed by the Submissions team, the Editorial team, and faculty advisors. 
  • Work created by A.I. programs like ChatGPT or Stabled Diffusion will not be published within The Howl. Please note, we will be examining all submissions with an A.I. detector. 
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