Summer Storms

In the sticky sweet watermelon juice, 

the breeze that tastes like freedom, 

bonfires and silent sunsets, 

fresh-squeezed basil lemonade that makes hands smell like happy, 

and days 

that age like ripening fruit 


In warm rain and the scent 

of a storm, in learning constellations 

and driving with the windows down, 

in putting your heart on a string and 

casting it into a narrow chasm 


In days with as much potential 

as blank pages and a pen full of  



There will come brisk breezes and  

frozen ground, dug graves and 

clinical obituaries, cloudy nights and 

squalls instead of sun showers. 


– Lila Schlissel

Lila Schlissel is a student from Danbury High School’s Class of 2023. Outside of being a (self-proclaimed) writer, she is a lemonade-loving, bag-crocheting, paddleboarding, pen-doodling, tap-dancing, book-clubbing, softball-playing, room-messing, sunset-loving, podcast-making, saxophone-playing, sweater-thrifting, headphone-wearing, black-tea-loving, rain-indulgent nerd.