The Howl Magazine accepts original work ranging from creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photography, music, and all kinds of art from high school students grades nine through twelve. Submissions of any kind are limited to 10,000 words, as well as one submission per sixty-day period. We will not accept any pieces of art or writing that have been plagiarized, published elsewhere, or that exhibit racism, graphic sexual content, drug use, or prejudice of any kind. Any work that blatantly perpetuates violence or political propaganda will not be considered. The Howl maintains the right of editorial discretion but encourages high school students to contribute to our magazine created by young writers, for young writers.  

Content We Won’t Accept:  


  • We will not accept work previously published online, including social media. 
  • No racism, discrimination, or prejudice of any kind.  An exception is writing in a fictional piece or about an experience. Be mindful of if it is relevant to the story or characters.  
  • No graphically sexual material.  
  • No work that blatantly perpetuates violence. An example of an exception is a short story with a fight scene that contributes to the plot, character, or setting.  
  • No manifesto/propaganda that urges people to vote in favor of a person, political party, or law. We understand that all opinion pieces might not align with our magazine’s thoughts and opinions, but refrain from those mentioned earlier.  
  • No illicit description regarding the use of illegal substances of underage minors in nonfiction work. Fiction work is acceptable however it should be descriptive within reason.  
  • Profanity is permitted; however, it should be within reason and choice in its use. Please note, using racial or prejudicial slurs or terms is not acceptable, unless it is relevant to a fictional story or character(s) you are writing. 


Content We’d Love to See:


  • We are looking for original work that exhibits self-expression and a unique voice.  
  • We want a slice of life through your non-fiction pieces. A piece of prose of a memory, a significant event in your life, or an epiphany you recently experienced. Any article about a community event, a real-world issue, etc. Write and share the things that are real to you. 
  • We want to see your fictional stories come alive. We are looking for various genres and themes: adventure, horror, romance, fable, realistic, comedy, action, historical, science fiction, mystery, and fantasy. We want stories about seeking revenge or justice, family and friends, striving for a goal, the ups and/or downs of a relationship or going on a fun adventure. Submit any story you wrote and let others enjoy the world you created.  
  • We want creative works of poetry: fixed verse poetry, sonnet, elegy, ekphrastic, sestina, or a free verse poem without any set form, rhythm/rhyme, or patterns. If you have a poem you want to share with the world, submit it.  
  • We want art pieces of many forms: painting, drawing, digital art, graphic design, or photography. If you have art that means something to you and you want a chance to share it, send it in.