Do you want to submit but are struggling to find inspiration to create? Use one of these prompts and send us what you create!

Being a student today means something different than being a student fifty years ago. Create something about all the hardships, expectations, accomplishments and so one that you face as a student.

Imagine you are stuck alone on an island for 48 hours. What would you eat? Where would you sleep? Would you want to stay on the island or hurry home? Tell us your island story. 

You wake up as your favorite celebrity. Describe your day.

Look outside. If you’re already outside, look around you. Use your five senses to write about your surroundings in detail.

Why do you write? You are here looking at this prompt for a reason. Write about your motivation to write. What is the spark that drives you? 

We all have dreams—whether they are fun, weird, or scary. Do you remember your most recent dream? Why not write it down or turn it into a story?

Take a walk. It helps you relax and clear your head. What do you find on this walk? You may always find something new, something simple, or even magical.