Poetry,  Published Submissions

Human, by Miriam Azeez

I’m a pondering ocean

As I stare through myself over and over

To pluck out the flaws.

I am millions of beads and in each one

I am different.

Who am i?

Why am i?

As the borders between pragmatism and projections

No longer differentiate,

I fail to see beauty.

In a mirror lanks a shadowy figure—

I am no longer myself.

I long to see beyond the trenches of deep sea blue,

I desire to walk on the horizon.

I hoped to touch the stars.

— Miriam Azeez

Mariam Azeez, a junior at Danbury High, is a published author and the President of the spoken poetry club, “Word Warriors.” In 2021, Mariam won first place in her school’s annual poetry competition, WordFest. Mariam uses poetry to express and highlight important issues in both high school and the real world.